Episode : A Letter from Tom Steyer

A Letter from Tom Steyer

I believe in the California Dream.

To me, it’s the idea that if we work hard and do our best, we can create a better future for our children. Because everybody in California, no matter their means, deserves justice – the right to make a living wage and raise a family, the right to clean air and water, and the right to good public schools and access to higher education.

Unfortunately, the California Dream is not currently a reality for everyone.

In fact, for someone like Jenny Castillo — whose 5-year-old daughter suffers daily from polluted air in Wilmington, California — that dream is slipping away. Today, even as our state enjoys unprecedented growth, there are thousands of California families in similarly desperate circumstances. 

While people all across the state have experienced the effect of the drought, in certain areas of the state the disparities are stark. Half of East Porterville’s residents don’t have access to water. That doesn’t sound fair to me.

But I believe that together we can help ensure California’s prosperity benefits us all.

With this project, I wanted to shed some light on the powerful players who have tilted the economic tables in their favor, profiting at the expense of our families’ health and safety.

But I also wanted to highlight stories from people working hard to balance the scales; folks who maintain a positive attitude during tough times, while making a big difference. I hope you find them as inspirational as I do.

Working together, we can change the system. Working together, we can get results.

Join us to create a future in which all of our neighbors and our families get a fair shake at the California Dream.

Tom Steyer
NextGen Climate

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